Oh Abu Saleh AL- Mahdi 


Forlorn of all hope,

as I write to you,

with the ink of my tears.

The notes of sympathy,

how may I express?

the grief, the pain, the misery;

that has embraced my chest.

With what lyrics can I convey,

the deepest agony that your lover's feel,

as they watch the golden dome,

of your beloved, tearing down?

Oh Abu Saleh Al Mahdi,

today, how may the sun shine,

the moon & the star's glow,

when, upon you has befalled immense sorrow?

My dearest Imam;

every broken fragment of the dome,

symbolizes a broken heart.

A heart, that repeatedly prays,

for your reappearance.

Our silent cries are insufficient,

to even console you, Oh Mahdi;

for today your father's holy shrine,

calls out for you.

By my parents,

My Master, Oh Mahdi,

the oppressive tyrants need a reply;

give them the strike of your Zulfiqar!

Oh Abu Saleh Al Mahdi,

May Allah hasten your reappearance