Amended Promises  POET: Sahar Husssain


The wind gently tossing the waters

upon the bare embrace of the sea-

& the rippling waves tracing its path

to the solace of troubled hearts.

The withered leaflet,

Dancing in the morning breeze

As flowers take shelter in swollen buds,

Leaving the fragrance of grass to dissolve

The afore tweeting birds,

now;...speechless songs await their recital.

How colors of spring have faded out from canvas of life-

Prolonging the chills of this loathed blizzard

No life and yet all life

Nature mourns... as we shy away from this trauma,

that bites into our soul with daggering pain.

... seen is each one harboring the transient haven-

as its innerving mirage lures man.

He breathes... and yet is suffocating.

The silence is deafening-

as the darkness of occultation persists.

The niche grows tighter, the lantern of my trivial haven breaks.

Its glass pieces lay scatter.

The mirage was never true. My perception failed me.

With de-railed ecstasy

And a mystic heaviness of guilt drowning me,

I walk through nature’s garden.

Now with eyes looking beyond its curtain of frame

I sense the loneliness, the deprivation, the grounding pain.

Where is the One from whose light I deprived my soul?

I ask, whispering.

The occultation is pre-destined,

But his beautiful visage so enchanting-

& the pure hearts have sensed him,

the virtuous souls have met him.

What is more agonizing than...?

The multiple self inflicted wounds of mine

upon my once so pure soul,

by drawing curtains of concealment upon my vision..

Oh beloved of Al-Askari (ajtf), Ya Imam Mahdi (ajtf)

Grace upon this slave a generous regard,

A prayer to stand by the oath that she has made-

To see you once before death strikes

to amend my broken promises

That no mirage would ever entice my soul.