A lyrical tribute to the Awaited Imam  POET: Kazim Malik


Oh my Imam, our hearts long for you.

Come show us, oh Guide, that which is true.

Please save us, oh Mahdi, from the evils we face.

Please save this religion, from the corrupted disgrace.

What has become, of this beautiful truth?

Why is this world, so sadly uncouth?

Oh Mahdi , my leader, how I wish youíd arrive,

To rekindle the faith; bring the truth back alive.

My heart bleeds these words, oh my valiant master,

For the hate in this world, is inflicting disaster,

On my brothers and sisters, from Palestine to Iraq,

You are their key, to freedomís unlock.

Oh my Imam , the liars mock me,

Saying one canít be helped, by who they can't see,

My dear guide, my dear leader; show them they're wrong,

Please end this separation, it's unbearably long.

You are the teacher, of Godís (SWT) words and His love,

You are the deputy, sent from above,

The servant of Allah (SWT), the student, the friend,

From his last messenger (SAW), you nobly descend.

Oh my sinless Imam , I would die for your cause,

For your sake I would crawl into death's hungry jaws,

I wish to be there, when you call those who believe,

I want to fight in your army, against those who deceive.

Please teach me the ways, to be a servant like you,

Who loves and fears God (SWT); who is pure-hearted and true,

I long for your presence, each day and each night;

You are the guide, to the path that is right,

Please lead me on it, my heart is contrite,

For you're the purest of pure, with Nuíur you are bright.

The world is in need, of you to reveal,

The pure, soulful truth, that no evil conceals,

My Imam please come soon, to deepen the light,

Of the truth of The God (SWT), with your conviction and might.