Masjid Jamkaran  POET: Sahar Hussain


Little strings of my poetry,

Patching with the warmth of this inviting locale;

That lies dressed in a drape gifted by heaven.

I run my mind in circles,

With eyes gazing at the land ahead of me;

What nectarous scent envelops this soil!

What charisma keeps these hundred hearts at awe!

Welcome O traveler...

This is the land of a thousand sighs.

My trembling feet, and a single plea...

“Oh early sun of this pure land,

Do not retire back, only today.

Let me walk around this path, in longing of beloved.

Let your radiance cast its light for me...

I fear..., perhaps my vision lays too dark for my fortune to shine.

Only today, let me roam around this masjid-

And let-go of my sigh. Let it find my beloved.”

Oh reader of my poetry...,

Astonish not, for this is to me, my pilgrimage.

Do not ask me why I encircle this masjid, or fall on my knees,

Crying out “Where are you O generous son of Ahmed”

It’s all the hidden expressions of the heart,

That I concealed for years.