A single Tear Drop  BY:  Sister Mardhiya


Spanning the delicate threads of life,

reliving the motionless soul within.

Trapped, are my coded jestures;

for an awaited meeting.

A single teardrop,

flowing in your love,

pairing with the cries of your lovers,

in order to reach you.

Silence . . .

Deafening moments of serenity,

adding a color to my teardrop,

as it rolls down my cheek.

Travelling from valleys of Mecca,

to the pleasant neighbourhood of Najaf,

Tell me O' beloved;

are you by your mother's grave ?

Though wingless I may appear,

I shall fly past the boundaries,

like the migrating bird in the heart of sky,

with your love flaming in me !

A single teardrop,

leaving a kindling ray of hope . . .