Q21- What is the second city that Al imam Almahd a,s will emancipate?

Q22- Where Jesus join  Alimam Almahdi a,s?

Q23- Where The anti Christ (aldajall) will be defeated ?

Q24- Who is the woman that Al imam Almahdi a,s called her (khair Al imaa')the best of women ?

Q25- where  will be the place of prayer  of  Alimam Almahdi ?

Q26- What was Jamkaran ?

Q27- How long the period  Almahdi will be with Alimam Almahdi a,s ?

Q28- Who was Shuaeb bin Saleh?

Q29- how we deal with the person who pretend to be special deputy of Alimam Almahdi ,a,s?

Q30- In which age Alimam Al mahdi  will reappear?



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